5 unforgettable style lessons from Kate Moss

Kate Moss called the muse, style icon, and there is every reason for this.

The girl from the English Croydon became famous all over the world after the shooting for The Face, the author of which was the stylist Corinne Day. Thousands of girls dream to be like Kate Moss, but repeat her style is almost impossible. You can only copy this loose and rather frank manner of dress. Each step of Kate introduced in the world of fashion boho-aesthetics (yes, Sienna Miller was not the first!), Eagerly catching camera lenses. Moss has taught us that careless chic clothing. Wearing a dress over a white T-shirt or mix leopard coat with a T-shirt, we pay homage to style icon – Kate Moss, who taught us all that in the 90th. 

Mini bags

When we first heard the name of Kate Moss, mini bags were must haves, like chokers. Like any trend, they could go out of fashion and then enter it. But the first time he became popular thanks to the British model.

Fotobank / Getty Images

This season, a combination of small bags with volume sleeves of oversize silhouette relevant again. Moss appeared in public with mini bag embroidered in purple velvet coat and silver sandals with strappy heels. We played a cunning trick, if we say that we do not regret that small bags replace so convenient bags of other models: three-dimensional bags, feminine bag on a long strap over the shoulder.

Dress with thin spaghetti straps

Kate Moss bravely wore clothes with lots of straps and thin straps and was not afraid to show too much. 

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Do not be afraid of the leopard

It feels like Kate has this print monopoly. How else to explain the fact that this crazy combination suits her vey much? Moss showed us the art of wearing a leopard beneath all. With her light hand we are also buying jeans and T-shirts with various slogans. Would you like to complete the image? Put on leopard coat. Believe us, it will blow instagram.

Fotodom / Rex Features


Male jacket and pants in the last few years have become a real trend. Back in the '90s Kate Moss went out in a double-breasted jacket and trousers from Chanel, and sometimes does so. Although no one thought that this combination can become a fashion trend. This season will be relevant double-breasted jackets, worn with sneakers. Want to catch two birds? Wear pink sneaker of bright "bablgam" colors.

Fotodom / Rex Features

Little black dress

Every woman should have it. KIt's been thirty years since that day, she appeared in public in the same outfit: a black cloth, black feathers, bare shoulders. But we remember about it until now. Make top-knot hairstyle, put on a black dress with bare shoulders – Kate Moss will be proud of you.