6 incredibly beautiful Instagram-accounts of minimalist jewelry brands


Dislike for flashy jewelry – not a reason to completely abandon jewelry. Besides minimalistic earrings, rings and cuffs can be worn almost every day, and they, in turn, will add to your everyday image a little spice and glamor. Speaking about the six-standing brands, working in this direction – even if you buy nothing thinking, their Instagram-accounts should definitely subscribe. 


New York jewelry brand that makes minimalist decoration – as if they were hand-painted by Jean Cocteau. The main advantage is that all the products are made by hand and with love, so with them you feel really special.


Brand makes a round earrings, pendants and rings that will delight all fans of the massive jewelry, which in this case looks modestly and aesthetically pleasing.


Silver necklaces, pendants in the form of stones, peeled waves and cuffs with black stones have long been loved by visitors of Dover Street Market, 10 Corso Como and the Lemaire design duo. Brand Sophie Buhai trying to make their jewelry as if they brought from another galaxy. For example, if you are tired of chokers, you will change your opinion, looking at one of those that makes the brand. 


The brand offers a variety of variations on the theme of how diverse can be minimalist. However, we most liked the earrings in the shape of palm, which will add little spice to even the simplest outfit.


Minimalism – is not just the lot of silver and platinum, which can be seen on the example of Sophie Bille Brahe. We can find the brand and suspension with microscopic fruit, and earrings in the form of branches and pearl ear cuffs.


Russian jewelry brand makes it almost invisible, but no less beautiful mono-earrings and fulfills the dream of everyone who did not dare to make a nose piercing and cartilage – gold and silver Cuff. Particular attention should be paid to rings with three-dimensional cube.