October 13, 1958, the first book in Michael bond on the Paddington bear “a Bear called Paddington”. The character, created by the writer, later became one of the symbols of the United Kingdom, history of the classics of British children’s literature, and plush toys Paddington has enriched the family of the former host of the TV show “Top Gear” Jeremy Clarkson. Paddington is an immigrant from darkest Peru found at Paddington station in London by the brown family and adopted by them. In honor of the 60th anniversary since the publication of the first book about the main bear UK Buro 24/7 has collected ten tips that Paddington could give about life.

Let yourself “after Breakfast” of muffins and hot cocoa. Paddington frequents “after Breakfast” to his friend Mr. Krubera — owner of an antique shop. While Mr. Gruber brews cocoa, Paddington lays out the buns that friends are necessarily divided in half, on the plate.

Do not hesitate to go to the store with a bag on wheels. In many countries of Europe to go to the store with a bag on wheels is the norm, but in Russia it is still considered a lot of grandmothers, although this bag allows you to relieve back, if you stock up on products once a week or for a family holiday. Paddington loves to go shopping, though always carefully spends money, and does it with a bag on wheels.

Keep the curiosity and love for new things. Paddington loves all the new and constantly curious. It always leads to new knowledge and discoveries, and sometimes for adventure, but they will be more fun.

Do not part with your biscuits. The Browns always know that Paddington will be home soon, if he was gone, leaving her cookies, because Paddington is never tossed his cookies in the lurch.

Always keep a pair of Opera glasses. If you follow the advice about asking questions, then you just need binoculars in order to improve the quality of his observations of the world. Paddington took the binoculars to take a closer look at the people and objects in the distance. In the end, the binoculars can be used for today’s fashionable birdwatching, and it is said some doctors, relaxes and soothes.

Don’t be afraid to seek the advice of a expert. Paddington does not hesitate to ask, if he doesn’t know something. For example, when he first goes to the theatre with the Browns, he asks Mr. Gruber to tell him more about the theater in preparation.

From sitting on food she is not spoiled. If it happened that you sat down bought in advance for a sandwich or any other meal, don’t worry: the taste remains the same. Of course, this rule works if the food remained in the package. Similarly, you should treat a situation when the food get crushed, for example, in the bag.

Always carry a jar of orange marmalade. Orange marmalade — the most beloved food of Paddington. The jam will always brighten up the gray days of cheer and comfort. Jam is the best medicine in the world, and Paddington always carries a jar of orange marmalade, and if circumstances permit, and a spare too.

Try to be ready for anything. Paddington always tries to be prepared for any circumstances. Sometimes the brown family laughs at him because even a trip to the beach Paddington is going in a multi-day hike in the wilderness, but bear thinks it is better to be prepared for anything because you never know what might happen.

The main thing in the wardrobe is a hat. Paddington arrived in England only one in the hat and his iconic blue duffle coat gave him the Browns. Boots also appeared in the decision of Clarksons engaged in gift toys-Paddington. Hat is an important attribute to bear, and he’s always in it goes.