Alex Sparrow caught his girlfriend cheating

Singer has taken to heart betrayal of his girlfriend. Alexei Vorobyov Photo: @ mr.alexsparrow Instagram Alexei Vorobyov

Alex said that he returned from America, where he was at work and wanted it to be a surprise … It turned out that his girlfriend was absolutely not ready for the sudden arrival of her boyfriend. Alex has hinted that he caught the girl cheating, after which they parted with the scandal.

Former girl of Alex Sparrow Photo: @ mr.alexsparrow Instagram of Alex Sparrow

"Sitting in a chair in a plane and thinking … I flew 13 hours, spent in Moscow  just 18 hours after getting out of the plane and taking the seat on the new flight, where I now will spend over 13 hours. And you know what? It was worth it … Now I know for sure that there are no miracles. Flew to spend with my girlfriend at least a few hours and leaving single… The moral of the story is: If you want to surprise someone and fly across the ocean – don't come without informing in advance", – said Alex.

Later, he called his ex-beloved woman of easy virtue and promised to cut her out of his life.

"Delete your phone number, good, I do not remember it by heart, delete your pictures and cut you out of my life! "- Shared Vorobyov.

The singer did not disclose the identity of the mysterious girlfriend. Fans and friends, who included Victoria Dayneko and Olga Buzova, have tried to support artist. The latter, incidentally, understands Alex better than anyone, not so long ago, she was faced with a betrayal of her ex-husband – Dmitry Tarasov.


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