Recently, Alex Sparrow (29) released two parts of the clip for the song "I just want to come." The first part has already amassed more than 2.5 million views, while the second – almost 2 million!

The video was inspired by a painful split of Alex from a girl who cheated on him. Apparently, Alex still can not get over it. Here, for example, he posted open letter on his Instagram:

"I would like to ask forgiveness from my former girlfriend… I'm sorry, I'm smarter than your new boyfriend, my knowledge and experience made you uneasy, and you had to agree with me. I'm sorry that I look better than he, because you're always afraid that women throw themselves at me, and I cheat on you, even though I was faithful to you every second. I'm sorry that I could teach you just how to f **k, like a real whore, but did not teach you how to love, how a real woman should love".

And yesterday he posted a photo with model Anna Flavia Gavlak, who starred in his video. It turned out that Alex and Anna dated two years ago! This is confirmed by the girl herself, who shared a screenshot of her Instagram gallery on the phone –  pictures with Alex were taken in 2015.

Alex Sparrow 

"Alex does not advertise relationship. The more it gets serious, the less he wants  to share happiness. Especially with strangers. – said American producer of the actor, Ian Fish er. – Alex and Anna met back in 2015, and it was obvious that there was real chemistry between them. No one was surprised that they were seen together more often, and then they moved in together. I do no t know why they split up, but work often does not allow people to remain together.  He flew to Russia, she – in Brazil … but the guys  managed to maintain a friendly relationship".

So Alex could not offer such a serious role anyone except Anna. In addition, she is very similar to the girl who broke his heart. Accord ing to a close friend of Anna, a model was so imbued with the sensual atmosphere on the set, and fell in love with Alex again. And today, the actor confirmed the relationship with Anna on his Instagram:

"Many people ask questions about @anagavlak who starred in the #YaProstoHochuPriehat video. So, we dated in 2015, parted as friends and did not communicate almost 2 years. She was the girl about which was written the first part of the song, because the second verse I wrote almost 2 years later, after my ex, whose name we will not mention, cheated on me … she will be the type of Volan De-Mort in "Harry Potter". Anya does not have a boyfriend now and we communicate very well, talk on the phone, and share news. She told me, incidentally, that I have the best fans in the world, the most kind and nice people. I hope I'm clarified the situation".

It looks like things are back on track for Alex Sparrow and his ex-girlfriend.


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