Alex Sparrow will soon marry a blonde

Clairvoyant Galina Janko predicted Alex Sparrow, that at the age of 30 he will marry a young blonde. The young pop singer Alex Sparrow has long been engaged in the search for a life partner, but so far his attempts were unsuccessful. Despite the fact that the actor took part in the popular TV show "The Bachelor," he has not found the bride.

To find out what is the reason for his disappointing searches, revision of one of the magazines invited Alex to the session to a fortune. Galina Janko said that Alex will find a companion, but she will be much younger than him. She also noted that the future fiancee of actor – blonde.

The clairvoyant told Alex that his life with his young bride will be happy, because the actor did not cause harm to people. She also notedAlex Sparrow will have many children, for which he will be a great dad. 

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