Alexander Panayotov has become the sensation of the new season of the show “The Voice”

The big surprise was the appearance of already well-known singer, a member of "People's Artist" Alexander Panayotov.

Alexander went on stage with the song All By Myself by Eric Carmen. The powerful performance of Alexander did not leave indifferent anyone of the teachers – everyone wanted to have him in their team. Polina Gagarina and Grigori Leps almost quarreled, coaxing Panayotov make a choice in their favor. Actor still preferred Leps. 

Vocal of Alexander made a great impression not only on the members of the jury, but on the audience. Video of the singer on Youtube was watched by more than a million people. Nobody was left emotionless by his performance. Many were already predicting his victory: "I will pray for Alexander's victory. Professional with good musical taste, educated, talented. Most importantly – he is well-mannered !!! "" Just cool !!! revised 20 times,"," Do not vote, but for Panayotov will vote !!! SUCH OPEN guy with awesome voice! "," Panayotov- this talent, appearance, format he lacked only a good producer Leps I hope he  will help, good luck "(Spelling and punctuation copyrights – Ed…)!!!!. 

"The winner of the "The Voice" show has become … Alexander Panayotov," – thought  many, waiting for the announcement of the results. The last few years the project ends predictably. This time something went wrong, participant Alexander Panayotov could not win the fifth season of the show. Panayotov took second place edged out by the representative of the team of Leonid Agutin, Darya Antoniuk. 

Alexander Panayotov appeared secure of victory, but at the time of announcement of the results of the audience voting, that surprised many, actor said a farewell speech, holding the microphone with trembling hands. Later, Panayotov posted appeal to fans:

"It was very exciting … I had a hard time deciding to take this step, go to the "Voice", but I do not regret a second. It is primarily a meeting with you, my viewers and listeners … In an absurd coincidence, I was not able to perform my song "Invincible" … And if it was necessary?) There are no winners in this competition. There are simply things presented as fact. Thank you all for the support, love, care and respect for the music! We expect great things!" – Wrote Alexander Panayotov on Instagram.