A critical look at the perfect puppet world. Sony Pictures Studios and renowned manufacturer of Mattel dolls children going to make a feature film about the favorite of all the girls – Barbie doll. But the filmmakers decided to take a course on body positive – the major role will be performed not by skinny blonde but a curvaceous actress Amy Schumer. In the story, the main character – an outcast in Barbieland.  Her appearance does not fit generally accepted standards of beauty. But then Barbie gets into the real world, where the discoveries and adventures are waiting for her. Realizing that beauty – it is not important, she returned to the Barbieland to save other dolls and prove to them that the key to happiness is to believe in yourself. Is Barbie will convince all the others is still unknown. But we hope so 🙂


The film's release is scheduled for summer 2018. There director is unknown. Later, she, Amy decided to modify the script, because she committing to body positive for several years,, knows all about beauty standards imposed by society and ways to combat them.

Immediately after the news appeared on the network, many users reacted negatively to Amy as Barbie:

Sandro Silva @SandroMacul @amyschumer is way too fat to play Barbie. Maybe she could play 3 Barbies 22:08 – December 3, 2016   Retweets "Like" marks "

Amy Schumer in the role of Barbie – this kind of thing that makes you doubt everything that you know about the world."  To read  Slowflake @ Slowflake1601

Amy Schumer being Barbie is just one of those things that make you question everything you knew about the universe. 21:56 – December 3, 2016   Retweets 2 February marks "Like" However, there were also those who support Amy and share her views: "If I see a movie about barbie, it is only if the main character is performed by Amy Schumer."  To read  Alexis Golden @AlexisGoldenXXX The ONLY way I'd watch a movie about #Barbie is if @amyschumer was starring in it. 21:48 – December 3, 2016   May 5 Retweets 11 November "Like" marks

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