Angelina Jolie starving herself and is writing a book about Brad Pitt

The world of show business still can not move away from the news that Angelina Jolie and Pitt are not a couple anymore. There are different rumors circulating about them all the time. In particular, recently it was reported that Angelina deliberately starving herself, as well as working on a novel, dedicated to her former spouse.

Jolie, according to the tabloid, she starving herself not because of great stress, but because of the desire to attract attention and evoke pity from gullible public. Some tabloids claim that the star wants to look exhausted as much as possible, so that the public can see that she sufferes from possession and constant stress, left her husband a tyrant and she will now bring up six children.

Press was also unable to ignore the rumor that Angelina has decided to write a book about family life with Brad. She is going to talk about how her lover liked to drink and smoke marijuana. That is why there were terrible scandals in the family. Memoirs of a star may be the reason that she earns more than 5 – 7 million dollars. However, the press is extremely negative adjusted with respect to this news and said that the last thing Hollywood need right now – another "tearful story about a heroine-mother and her no so good husband."

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