The movie, based on the story of modern Anna Karenina is coming out. The main roles in the film played by 29-year-old Anna Chipovskaya and 53-year-old Dmitry Pevtsov. 

In the film "About Love" Chipovskaya played a dancer named Nina who i s cheating on her husband and does it very carefully.

The film is full of tasteful love scenes, and in a conversation with journalists Anna admitted that felt very uncomfortable, doing these scenes. Only a sensitive approach of experienced actor Dmitry Pevtsov helped her to loosen up.


It is noteworthy that the role of the deceived husband could play Danila Kozlovsky, but he refused. Maybe he did not want to be deceived, but may be did not want to do love scenes with Anna Chipovskaya and Maria Mironova, which, in turn, was to be his mistress, according to the scenario.  

Anna Chipovskaya gave an interview about her new role in the "About Love" Drama, directed by Vladimir Bortko, which will be released in March. The character of Anna Chipovskaya, being married to a handsome professor, played by Alexei Chadov, met Dmitry Pevtsov's charachter, and then started cheating on her spouse. In an interview with reporters the actress has admitted that she sometimes feels awkward filming the explicit scenes.

"It was extremely difficult to be loosen up. Playing sex scenes is still new for Russian actors. It seems to me, Vladimir Vladimirovich made a really explicit movie, which our cinema had not yet seen.  It's uncomfortable and hard to do it. It's hard to be yourself at this point, "- says Chipovskaya to reporters.

The actress stressed that she has never filmed so much explicit scenes before. Anna also thanked her partner, Dmitry:

"I was very lucky with Dima Pevtsov –  it is difficult to meet more sensitive person". Chipovskaya stressed that it was difficult to play the role of "completely ruined person", because she herself – the complete opposite of her character.