Anna Kournikova does not want to rush into marriage and motherhood

On the eve of her birthday, Anna Kournikova has decided to give an interview and tell about her life. Anna Kournikova is pregnant by Enrique Iglesias? news Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have arranged a romantic evening news

Name of Anna Kournikova is of intrest to the media. But a former tennis player is very selective in recent years and rarely visits social events and gives interviews. But on the eve of her birthday (July 7) ex-athlete has decided to please her fans and gave an interview to the Russian magazine Hello !.

Perhaps many fans just wanted Kournikova to tell when she will marry her longtime lover Enrique Iglesias and become a mother. But, alas, in the words of former star of tennis court, she and Enrique are not going to be bound by formal ties of marriage and to have children, despite numerous rumors, which appear regularly in the media.

"I would like to become a mother, but in ten years. We are young and we have the time, there's no rush "- said Anna.  

Also, celebrity admitted that, despite the long-term relationship with Enrique Iglesias (their affair's been going on for more than 15 years), she is still shy to speak openly about their relationships with loved ones.