Anna Semenovich is getting ready for a secret wedding. This is the conclusion of the fans of the singer, after she accidentally showed cherished engagement ring. The actress shared a picture of the ring on her ring finger. 

Personality of singer's future spouse is carefully hidden. However, judging by the photos of Semenovich, she got the ring, about which dreams almost every single girl, during a trip to Greece. Fans of the singer congratulated and wished her family happiness.


By the way, not so long ago, Anna began to lead a women's training, which gives advice on how to get married as soon as possible. This topic has provoked a strong reaction from many of  her ill-wishers. "What kind of advice an unmarried girl can give?". As you can see, they did so in vain.  According to the ring with a huge diamond, Anna learned a long time ago how to receive a marriage proposal. But she did not advertise the fact of the engagement.  Some time ago the actress admitted that she adheres to the principle of "Happiness likes quietness".

Incidentally, Anna's life is going through some big changes. Recently it became known that Semenovich is getting ready to become a stage actress. 

By the way, very few people know, but Anna Semenovich was already married. The first singer's husband was director Daniel Mishin. The singer met him before she became famous – then Anna was engaged in figure skating. Soon Semenovich became a soloist of "Blestyashchie" and sex symbol of the Russian show business. Unfortunately, the popularity of the singer became a reason for divorce with Mishin: man dreamed of a quiet family happiness, and Semenovich led a public life.