Anne Hathaway admitted that she was not happy to receive the Oscar


American actress and singer Anne Hathaway in 2013, received an Oscar statuette for supporting actress in the film "Les Miserables." After a while celebrity admitted that she was not pleased about this award.

The actress, whose motion picture "Les Miserables" earned such awards as the "Golden Globe", a BAFTA and "Oscar" was not pleased with her award. Anne said that she felt uncomfortable when, in contrast to her character, was dressed in an expensive dress by Prada, and was not on the verge of despair. The heroine, played by Anne Hathaway, was a pupil of a shelter for orphans. Fantine, according to the original plan, forced into prostitution. Later, being in a difficult situation and trying to save hук daughter, she had to sell her hair, thus losing her beauty and health.

Hollywood actress recalled that she felt ill at ease when stood on ceremony in the dress, which cost significantly exceeded the earnings of many people in their life, and given the fact that the award won by portraying the pain, which is part of the collective experience of universal humanity. Previously, Anne Hathaway was appointed UN Goodwill Ambassador.


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