“Bag in a million” Maria Pogrebnyak came to GUM with shopping trolley

The wife of a football player Pavel Pogrebnyak, Maria feels a passion for expensive accessories. The blonde especially likes the original bags. In October, mother of many children visited Paris, where she bought a Balenciaga bag. It is interesting that such a model of the famous brand became the subject of debate among fashion lovers, because they look like normal shopping bags, which can often be seen at the stations. But their value is shocking – 120 thousand rubles!


November 23 Maria even more surprised by his followers Instagram – woman published photos, made in GUM. Pictured Pogrebnyak posing with her friend and red bag-trolley. 


At the store, where Maria bought a bag, the cost varies from 6 to 15 thousand rubles. Followers of Pogrebnyak responded to her post. Some believe that this bag is more appropriate in "Auchan" and not in the GUM, while others believe that Maria has made the right choice. "I would be ashamed to walk with the bag", "Collective farmers. Such bags funny "," For me, everything is super, both bags, and Maria herself)) "," Grandmothers go with them to the market "," Fashion pensioner. "

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