Bella Hadid AND THE WEEKND parted

According to People magazine, the supermodel and the singer separated. They broke up. For the first time Bella and TheWeeknd met at the "Coachella" in April last year – her sister Gigi introduced Abel (real name of The Weeknd) to Bella. The singer was fascinated by the girl and invited her to star in the In the Night music video.

In December last year, they took a break in the relationship, which is explained by their busy schedules. Later lovers got back together and even appeared together on "Grammy Award-2016".

In October, at the gala concert of the International Association of Lyme disease, Bella told how Abel supported her and helped to survive tough times. But that day he was not there … This year, Bella admitted in an interview with Glamour magazine: "I'm dating Abel. For me he is not The Weeknd. I am proud of him and his music, but I like Abel. " But, according to the source reports, The Weeknd threw himself into work – his top priority is the promo of the new album.    

We have already mentioned that Bella will participate in the annual show of Victoria's Secret, where her ex-boyfriendwhich will also perform. Yeah, it seems like they can not avoid meetings. But sources say that "they are still very fond of each other and will remain friends."