Blond babe: father of Bella Hadid shared her baby photo

Now Bella Hadid is the dream of millions of men and a successful model, who takes part in the Victoria's Secret show, poses for leading magazines. And once Bella was a little girl – she loved and adored her dad Mohamed Hadid.

Well-known businessman has been indulging in sentiment, and apparently has opened the family album with baby pictures of his daughters. One of them – a picture of baby Bella – Mohamed shared to Instagram a photo of her with the caption that time flies: it would seem, just yesterday you hold daughter on the hands, and today she herself is an adult and successful person.

"I think about this blonde babe Bella. This is real. Just a couple of years ago", – Wrote Mohamed Hadid on his Instagram.

Bella Hadid in childhood

Gigi and Bella Hadid with mom Yolanda Foster