Boyfriend of Lily-Rose Depp Ash Staymest tries his hand at cinema


Beloved of Lily-Rose Depp Ash Staymest tries his hand at cinema. British male model played the male lead in Sylvie Verheyde's film "Sex Doll". In the story the main character falls in love with the representative of the oldest profes sion, played by Hafsia Herzi. The young man turned a blind eye to the dubious reputation of new friend and tries to save her from humiliation and contempt of danger.  

"While writing the script, I met with call girl. Their approach to the world is very cool and reserved, very prudent – only confirmed what I thought. Their entire existence revolves around "after": after saving money; after buying an apartment … Their present is like the void, which they should always fill: make up a story or stupefying drug. And the same rules for all: do not have a friend; have few real links,  no love; no experience. The body is separated from the soul, "- said Sylvie Verheyde.

According to the director of the film, it was necessary to find a true Englishman for the main role, so Ash Staymest was an ideal candidate. Moreover, the boyfriend of the daughter of Johnny Depp won director over with his impulsive character.