10 facts about the 19-year-old girlfriend of Vincent Cassel, Tina Kunakey

Model Tina Kunakey (19) walked down the runway during the Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris. This exotic beauty is 19 years old. By the way, Cassel is 31 years older than his girlfriend. They have been together for six years. We hope that Monica will be just as happy in love, as her ex-husband is!

10 interesting facts about beloved of Vincent Cassel, Tina Kunakey:

Tina Kunakey was born in Sicily.

Her favorite city – Madrid. At age 15 she moved to study at a French lycée, despite the fact that she did not know the Spanish language. 

As a child, Tina was professionally engaged in swimming, but after injuries retired. 

Kunakey began modeling at the age of 8. The parents were strongly against it and thought that she was still too little. Tina particioated in photoshoots for such brands as Roxy, Billabong and Quicksilver. She starred in Matt Pokora’s music video for the song Belinda.

The first joint photo of Tina Kunakey and Vincent Cassel appeared in the media in August 2015, the second – while the actor was resting with the model in Ibiza. We were confident – it won’t last long. But the pair has once again proved that love knows no age! Tina said about how they met: “just happened to be in the same time in the same place,” and in spite of rumors, they met much earlier than the summer of  2015. 

Girl does not advertise relations with Cassel, but does not hide. She shares photos with her boyfriend, and their first public appearance took place in November 2016 – then the couple came to the Victoria’s Secret party. 

Tina claims that relatives and friends are helping her to maintain spiritual balance and harmony.


Tina has one bad habit – she smokes, but Vincent is cool with it – he smoked for many years.  

Tina Kunakey- a very cheerful person, she prefers not to make plans for the distant future. When someone is going to visit her, she always replies: “Of course, you can buy a ticket, but not sure I’ll be here tomorrow.”


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