Ex-girlfriend of Egor Kreed, Viki Odintcova risked her life for selfie!


Popular instagram model and, by the way, ex-girlfriend of Egor Kreed, Viki Odintcova shocked her fans! She arranged a photo shoot at the top of a skyscraper in Dubai. 

After Viki has shared this picture, opinions of subscribers were divided: some do not believe that everything is real, while others on the contrary, wrote: "Stupid!", "Unnecessary risk", "What it was all for?" And etc. To dispel any doubts of some subscribers, Victoria posted the video that proves it to be true. Girl standing on an iron beam, and the young man is holding her hand.

By the way, this young man – known Rufer Oleg Cricket. He's long been shocking Instagram ad YouTube users with his crazy stunts. Just look what he is doing! 

And fearless Viki Odintsova trusted this guy with her life. What can we say, All's well that ends well.. And another thing: do not try to do this! 

Recall, Egor Kreed and Victoria Odintsova fell madly in love during the filming of the clip "I Like", starring Odintsova. Young people liked each other, and soon fans began to notice Victoria Odintsova, who looks like previous girlfriend of Kreed, Xenia Deli, next to singer more often. By the way, in June, Kreed has been spotted with a new girlfriend on holiday in Greece, where they were seen by Russian tourists at the beach.

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