Former girl of Egor Kreed, Viki Odintcova stars in the advertising for wedding brand

23-year-old model Viki Odintcova starred in the evening dresses advertising. The most sexiest Russian girl – Viki Odintcova – will fascinate not only the fans of Egor Kreed in his videos, but also the residents of Dagestani cities. 23-year-old former lover of Black Star graces billboards and billboards in high-end dresses from Atelier Colette Boutique, taking part in the brand advertising campaign. Odintcova wears several orders of shiny fabric, embroidered with beads, whose price starts from 50 thousand rubles. 

Russian Star of "Instagram", which attracted three million followers, became widely known after her affair with Egor Kreed. Hot sympathy between Egor Kreed and Viki Odintcova occurred during the filming of the "Like" video, which starred Odintcova. Young people liked each other, and soon fans began to notice the woman next to the idol more often. However, the actor and model are not together anymore.


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