Girlfriend of Egor Kreed was called the most beautiful Russian woman

Western media appreciated the beauty of the Russian model Victoria Odintcova. She is the passion of the singer Egor Kreed, and even starred in his new "Like" music video.

Viki Odintcova turned only 23 years old, but beauty has managed to conquer the hearts of thousands of fans. Model's shape can be seen in all its glory in the Egor Kreed's music video.  Now Odintcova, who attracted nearly 3 million followers, began to conquer the West.

Recently, she was noticed by the French tabloids, and became the heroine of the article with the headline "Victoria Odintsova will teach you to do sports." The journalists said that the young Russian is a real star of social networks. The model does not hesitate to put her perfect body on display.

Odintsova likes to communicate with fans on sports, she shares the results of grueling exercise and says that she does not cut herself some slack even during the holidays, she always keeps her diet and does not miss a workout.

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