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Nyusha's boyfriend worked more than a month to earn her hand in marriage

Officer Igor Sivov and singer Nyusha are planning to get married. As it turned out, the officer worked more than a month to earn her hand in marriage. Igor Sivov made a proposal during a vacation in Africa. Later, the pop diva showed fans a photo of the ring. 

Their affair began in the fall of last year, although the future spouses have been familiar for a long time. Recall that singer Nyusha dated Egor Kreed, but the couple broke up and fans of the singer began to notice that she has a new boyfriend. All became clear at the time when Nyusha and Igor Sivov spotted together at a restaurant in Moscow.

Of course, singer also admitted that she has a new boyfriend. Despite the fact that the name of her new boyfriend Nyusha not named, she was often seen together with a sports official. 

Some time ago, Anna (real name of Nyusha) shared photo of the ring with the caption:. "I'm the Bride" Subscribers have begun to ask questions about who has become her future husband.

Nyusha, like many other representatives of show business, has decided to spend the cold winter in a warmer climate, namely, the singer is now in Africa.



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