Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t hide her boyfriend

The rumors finally confirmed! After months of rumors, we finally got confirmation – babe Jennifer Lawrence and director Darren Aronofsky stopped hiding! While walking around New York – Lawrence and Aronofsky smiled (especially Jennifer), holding hands and even kissing! The first rumors about the couple's relationship began to circulate this summer – when it became known that Lawrence plays a major role in the new film of Aronofsky. They are often seen together in a cafe, but most of the gossips assumed that they discussed the new project. After the official confirmation of the rumors relations became even more – say, Jennifer has already met with the 10-year-old son Aronofsky, who was born during the long novel of director with the actress Rachel Weisz.


Personal life of the actress is getting more press than her movies –  she had an alleged affairs with Liam Hemsworth and Bradley Cooper. It is known that she dated Nicholas Hoult, her colleague on the "X-Men". The couple broke up in 2014 due to the intense shooting schedule and the inability to maintain a normal relationship. But now Jennifer looks really happy! According to rumors, during a previous relationship Jen suffered from excessive traction to the publicity of her boyfriend, Coldplay singer Chris Martin. With Aronofsky all quite different – a famous film director prefers to keep his private life a secret. Apparently, the age difference doesn't bother happy couple (Aronofsky is 21 years older than his lady). 

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