New boyfriend of Hayden panettiere staged a fight in front of her

Новый бойфренд Хайден Панеттьери устроил драку у нее на глазах The star couple’s New boyfriend is Hayden panettiere staged a fight in front of her

Beloved Hayden Bryan Hickerson got in a fight with his father David. The incident occurred in the house of the parents of Bryan in South Carolina.

Like, acquaintance Hayden with parents new lover did not go as smoothly as their recent trip to her hometown.

October 25, at 11:30 a.m. in the police of the city of Greenville received a call about a domestic fight. According to the police report, Brian raced around the house for my father with “unidentified item”, and David Hickerson, whose face was covered in blood, tried to hide from him in the kitchen.

Hayden and Brianbrian to a call, police found that the front door is locked. They began to knock, Hayden tried to open the door, but it did not work. According to police, the actress was “furious” wanted to defend her boyfriend, but the guards handcuffed him.

The whole company was taken to the police station. Brian insisted he didn’t assault his father – he drank too much and he got into a fight. Beloved panettiere was very excited and was trembling with anger. He refused to give police your full name and date of birth, fearing that the incident will harm the image of Hayden. Father Brian told the police that the wound on his face – a consequence of the fall, not a beating. Despite serious damage, David Hickerson refused medical assistance. According to the police report, all participants of the fight, including Hayden, was drunk.

Panettiere and Hickerson, July 2018 will Goianapolis, panettiere started Dating an aspiring actor Brian Hickerson in July of this year. Prior to this she had a 10-year relationship with boxer Wladimir Klitschko, from which the actress gave birth to daughter Kaya.

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