Olga Seryabkina said that she wants to find a younger man: The singer told about her preferences

Now the girl is not in a serious relationship – she told reporters what kind of man she would like to see next to her. 

Many fans are wondering why beautiful and clever girl Olga Seryabkina is not married yet and does not even have relations with anyone. Member of the popular "Serebro" band said that loneliness is something she has never been bothered with. Moreover, she does not feel lonely or unhappy.

Seryabkina claims that the inner peace does not depend on a man around. She considers herself a full-fledged personality and does not suffer from the fact that she does not have a loved one. However, Olga has a certain tastes in men. She told reporters the truth about a dream man, with whom she is going to build long-term relationships.

According to the singer, she deals with men, however, she has not find true love yet. Seryabkina has a busy schedule and she has no time for a serious relationship. However, she is confident that someday she will have a boyfriend.

 Olga prefers strong men, who will be the boss in a relationship. However, it does not mean that young man should suppress his chosen one. Also Seryabkina does not want the older man, on the contrary, the singer likes more young people, who are younger than her.

Seryabkina's boyfriend should be able to make her laugh and not influenced by what other people think. The girl is impressed with a man, who gives careful and constant attention.

Earlier it was reported that another sex symbol of the Russian stage, Anna Semenovich, is getting ready for the wedding. Singer showed an engagement ring on her ring finger.

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