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Pattinson's girlfriend loves emotional abuse

Girl of Robert Pattinson, singer Thalia Barnett, spoke about the emotional abuse. The young lady thinks emotional abuse is gentle and even a kind of addiction.

According to Barnett, she suffered an emotional abuse in previous relationship. There was no understanding with her boyfriend, who did not want to listen to her, and it was a kind of a nerve-wrecking experience, but some special one, very gentle. There was even a demand for constant screams and unwillingness to understand why it was incredibly difficult to leave, in spite of all the pain brought by.

Thalia also noted that it is very difficult to be a girl of the famous actor: everybody discuss her, and journalists persecuted endlessly. She was born in a small village, where everyone knew each other, it was much nicer just to talk with someone on the street, it does not matter with whom. 

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