Pavel Priluchnyy shared the details of novel with Nikki Reed

In 2009, media reported about intimate relationship of Pavel Priluchnyy and Hollywood star Nikki Reed. Pavel Priluchnyy Photo:

In 2009, media reported about the close relations of then still a little-known Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyy and Hollywood star Nikki Reed, who played in the "Twilight" saga. The actress even got a tattoo on her wrist with the name of the Russian boyfriend, but by October 2011, it disappeared from the girl's hands. In an exclusive interview to "Caravan of stories" Pavel  Priluchnyy told about romance with Reed and explained why they broke up.

"A wild affair with Nikki Reed was just a wonderful adventure. <…> I did not even know who she was… "Twilight" was then in the process of filming, I have not seen other films with Nikki Reed", – said the actor.

Nikki presented next film in Russia, and accidentally saw the theater performance with Pavel. After the performance girl came up to Priluchnyy and praised his performance in English, but he did not understand a word, and politely said goodbye to her. But Nikki was a tough nut and in the evening visited Priluchnyy in the hostel.

"I invited her on date tomorrow, it was the only way that I could be free from her … In general, I condoned her emancipated activity, and, apparently, hooked Nikki". – said Priluchnyy.

According to Pavel, the relationship was moving forward fast enough and continued throughout the year. Young people often wrote to each other, called each other several times Nicky flew to Moscow. She  also invited Priluchnyy to USA, but due to the complex process of obtaining a visa at the US Embassy actor delayed his trip.

Pavel Priluchnyy and Nikki Reed  Photo: from the personal archive of Pavel Priluchnyy 

When Pavel finally filed documents, Nikki asked him: "Let's get married one day in Las Vegas! Then you get our passport and be able to come to me without any problems". The actor agreed, obtained a visa, saved money for a ticket, but his bride suddenly disappeared and was not available via telephone, Skype, e-mail.

Nikki appeared six months later. It turned out that the girl went to the shooting. However, Pavel wasn't in the mood for going with her to the altar. "Crazy everywhere: getting married today, disappear tomorrow, six months later trow a wedding again … But in fact she was playing with my feelings! <…> The one thing I took away from all that: long-distance relationship – it's a fad, you can never rely on another person, to go crazy", – says Pavel.

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