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Russian tattoos of Nikki Reed

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Her tattoo under her right hand and is an inscription in Russian - "There must be something more." Agree, an unusual choice for the American actress.

What was our surprise when we found out that this is not the only Russian tattoo on Nikki's body.

Even before Twilight Nikki was visiting her boyfriend in Moscow and dated aspiring actor Pavel Priluchnyy.

It was a real passion, nothing would stop them, not even the fact that Priluchny did not speak English, but Nikki did not understand a word in Russian, Reed once sent him a letter in which she asked him to write to her in Russian his name. "What is it for? " - he asked. "You'll see. It will be a surprise ", - she said. The surprise, Nikki spoke about, became a tattoo on her wrist with the name Pasha - "Priluchnyy".

Affair of young actors ended as quickly as it had begun, Nikki just stopped responding to calls and SMS of Pavel. So this touching love story ended, but Nikki got a tattoo on her left wrist to remember. When asked about the tattoo, she explains that it is in memory of her former Russian lover - "Pasha Priluchnyy whom I lost in Moscow".

Cutting Priluchnyy out of her life, Nikki removed a tattoo with his name. However, she has not lost the love to perpetuate on her body beloved names. Marrying Paul McDonald, Reed made a tattoo with his name on the finger.

We wonder will Nikki Reed get another tattoo with the name of her new husband Ian Sommerholder in the near future?


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