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Sergey Lazarev was called father of Anna Sedokova's third child


Anna Sedokova and Sergey Lazarev

Once it became clear that Anna Sedokova is expecting for the third child, journalists tried to find out who is the father. Ekaterina Varnava suggested that it may be the singer Sergey Lazarev.

Being sixth month pregnant, Anna Sedokova arrived in Moscow and gave a short interview. Presenter Alexander Belov immediately asked who is the father of Sedokova's child. 

"I am often asked about it by men as if they want to make sure it wasn't them. Ekaterina Varnava suggested that the father is Sergey Lazarev", - said Sedokova.

In particular, she explained why does not wish to disclose the identity of her beloved.

"I have been workin in the show business for 15 years, and I think that I have made a lot of mistakes. Including those that showed my previous relationship, please give me a chance to be happy, as a woman.. - I really will tell you about my personal life when I'm ready",- appealed to the media the singer.

Anna said that every woman has the right to give birth, not because she is married, but because she wants to be happy.

"She can be a mom and not sit at home. She can work and to get an education. Yes, maybe I will not get married with three children. But it does not matter. And anyway, I plan to have five children from different men",- joked singer.

When Sedokova told father of the child that she is pregnant, he was very happy. But her daughters reacted differently.

"Alina said," I am ready, if you buy me a cat ". And Monica was delighted. She kisses, hugs my belly every minute", - said Anna.

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