Vincent Cassel and Tina Kunakey’s Love Story: the most tender declarations of love of the french actor to his young wife


52-year-old Vincent Cassel driven by women. His first wife, Italian actress Monica Bellucci is considered the standard of femininity and beauty. Several years ago, the actor got divorced from Italian and moved from Paris to Brazil, saying that he would never marry. But this summer, the former heartthrob has again tied the knot with the Brazilian model Tina Kunakey. Since then, both lovers officially announced their relationship, social networks of Vincent and Tina are full of romantic recognition and photos. We are not surprised — it’s difficult not to confess daily in love, when there is such a woman. So, the most touching words of a loving husband.

Vincent met his future wife in the club. “Ever since I saw her, I was no longer able to think about anything,” he recalls. The French actor was lucky — the girl replied to him in return.

Comment on photo from Vincent: “the Queen of my heart.”

During the shooting of the film “Savage,” in which Cassel played Paul Gauguin, the actor wrote a portrait of his girlfriend.

Gauguin sortie ce mercredi 20 septembre #acteurstudieux #prepa @gauguin #lefilm #maururutahiti

Une publication partagée par Vincent Cassel (@vincentcassel) le

During a holiday in Ibiza, the actor posted a photo taken before the release of a couple for dinner with the caption: “Perfection in my eyes.” What Tina said: “are you perfect, my love.”

“This life is the dance from the beginning to the end.

I’m happy when I’m in your arms,

Only God knows my joy.

I see in you everything I wanted.

You make me feel so

If I were a kid again”.

Vincent made an offer after three years of relationship. He admitted to reporters that he never thought that he would marry again. This is a photo with the caption: “Yes.”

On the wedding day the young bride impressed the guests with her dress. “Beautiful,” wrote Vincent.

Second day of the wedding the couple spent on the coast with friends and family. The bride chose for that day white romantic dress and a white swimsuit.

Serenade under the window of the beloved on the second day of the wedding.

As soon as Tina posted this photo, her husband immediately wrote in the comments: “No, this is intolerable!”

Now these home videos filled instagram of the actor.

This photo with the caption: “Autumn love”.

Tina posted a photo from the Cannes film festival, asking Vincent “Miss me?” Vincent immediately responded: “Always.”

Vincent admitted in an interview that not even thought about the young age of Tina. Recall that the wife of the actor is just 22 years old. At the time of Dating she turned 18.

“Two of the Brazilian soul.”

And, of course, Tina congratulated her husband in social networks, posting a joint photo with the caption: “happy birthday my husband I love you.”


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