Celebrity Weight Loss: Did Ravshana Kurkova Get Too Thin?


Ravshana Kurkova has shared pictures from Thailand, where she posing in summer dresses.

36-year-old actress Ravshana Kurkova has always had a graceful figure. Celebrity demonstrated toned body in a bathing suit, and she has repeatedly called one of the sexiest women in the post-Soviet space. However, new photos of Ravshana made her fans worry. In the pictures, shared to Instagram, actress is seen posing in a t-shirt and shorts during a holiday in Thailand and looks noticeably thin. Fans said that she should not starving herself and can even slightly put on weight.

The actress left comments unanswered. However, it is likely that there is no cause for alarm, because Ravshana is naturally thin. In a recent interview Kurkova even admitted that the only thing she can not do for the role, is to gain weight. By the way, not all her fans critisized the figure of the actress. There were many admiring comments.