Chanel unveils new Coco avant Chanel collection


Chanel house presented a collection inspired by the childhood and adolescence of the legendary Coco Chanel.

Chanel house released a new collection of jewelry Coco Avant Chanel, dedicated to the early years of its founder Gabrielle Chanel. Seven years old Gabriel spent her childhood in the orphanage at the Abbey at Aubazine. Romanesque architecture with its clean lines helped girl to develop a sense of proportion and a love for graphic quality a combination of black and white, and learn to appreciate the luster of gold and baroque gems.

Many years passed before Chanel became a great designer, presenting the world a new image of women: shorter dresses, loose waist, short hair. Her first buyers were a neighbors and friends, but soon society ladies appeared among her clients.

This year the brand released eleven jewelry sets, which was named in honor of legendary beauties, which played an important role in Chanel's life until 1920. The basis of the collection are the key elements of her unique style – pearls and bows, lace and ribbons.

Diamond Gloss underlines play of morganite, pearls, spinel, moonstone, pink sapphires. Effectively stylized lace patterns and the symmetric line of jewelry recall the brilliant, fine cut of  Chanel dresses.

Couture jewelry collection was presented at Fashion Week in Paris.