Cheap and expensive hair styling – is there a difference?

Actress Sofia Kashtanova got fashionable hair styling in a democratic and expensive salons. Which option she likes more?

Left – styling with budget funds, to the right – with expensive.


Marina Sosnovskaya, stylist of Nail Spot:

"I used Structure Beach Spray for thin hair. Then I used Joico thermal protection and curled hair with styler. I made two braids (above and below), weaving into each other. I fixed the result by the gum and Structure hairspray of average fixing. " 

Sofia Kashtanova, actress:

"Braid turned out stylish but not pretentious. After shooting all day, I went on business. I easily pulled the braid off and brushed hair…" .


Alexei Demidov, the art director of Celebrity salon:

"First, I used  Sebastian Professional Vol upt shampoo for volume and applyed conditioner from the same line to dry the hair, slightly raising in brush roots, and then worked with forceps ripple. Then I divided the hair.. three equal parts classic and braided plait. At the end I slightly messed up the hair. I fixed the hair with theSebastian Re-Shaper hairspray". 

Sofia Kashtanova, actress:  

"The cabin has VIP-rooms, where you can retire  if you want to go unnoticed. Hairstyle turned more solemn and festive than the previous one.t It was not a feeling that the hair.. too much styling. After the shooting, I went to a meeting with myfriends.  I had no problem to pull the braid off and comb. "