Cheryl Cole EXACTLY pregnant from Liam!

Another hunk decided to settle down. The rumors that Liam and Cheryl were waiting for the child circulated for a few months. On October 2 33-year-old Cheryl Cole appeared at the L'Oreal Paris Gold Obsession Party in Paris, and fans noticed her slightly rounded tummy. Rumors that she was expecting first child from 23-year-old Liam Payne – member of the band One Direction continued to circulate. Then neither the singer nor the judge of The X Factor have not made any official statements yet. And Cheryl even closed  comments on Instagram.

November 29th the couple visited a charity concert Fayre Of St James in London. Pay attention to the belly Cole – Cheryl Liam and accurately become parents!

"PHOTO Liam and Sheryl baby. Fundy right now. "

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Surprisingly, many fans are not pleased that Liam would be the daddy. Firstly, fans believe that Cheryl is old for Liam (Coyle is 10 years older than Liam). Secondly, the second hunk of 1D becomes a father – and we thought that they will always be young and unmarried. Eh … But it would be great if Freddie Tomlinson's son Louis, will be one, is not it? 🙂

"When I first saw the photos of Liam and Cheryl." View image Tvittere

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