Dana Borisova compared herself with Brigitte Bordeaux

Dana Borisova continues to post on her microblog photos and videos, sharing details of her private life. For example, today, Dana looked at herself in the mirror and decided that she is Brigitte Bordeaux's twin. And we must say, some of the fans said: "Dana, you're much better than Bordeaux!"

Collage of two pictures – Dana Borisova and sex symbol of Europe's 50-60 Brigitte with the caption: "Hello, dear. I am a sick, so I do not look the best way at all. Very soon, I will try to speak on one important topic for me, but in the meantime, maybe you can find some similarities with the beloved  #brigittebordeaux ".

In response, she got a lot of comments: "You are beautiful!", "Danochka, you are much more beautiful than her!", Etc. etc. However, most of the followers did not find similarity: "Brigitte's eyes are completely different and lips, noses, maybe like … Dana", "The similarity is, but features quite different!" Dana Borisova compared herself with Brigitte Bordeaux

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