Dana Borisova received fabulous gift for the New Year


Dana Borisova received a fabulous gift for the New Year from the Federation Council member.

New Year's vanity gives people a feeling of warmth and something light, many are now starting to think about gifts for their loved ones, trying to choose something special. Some lucky ones have already started to receive the presents for the New Year, despite the fact that it is still up to three weeks.

This number included and a famous Russian TV host Dana Borisova. Beauty subscribed to one of the deputies. Borisova isaw a deer figurine, made of twigs and light bulbs. "To me this seemed a real New Year's miracle, and I wrote in the comments, and that I wanted to get a kind of magic. This deputy read, found my phone number and explained that he saw a figure in St. Petersburg on a shop window.

Member of the Federation Council had found a wizard that makes this beauty and have ordered the same for me! A week later, the fabulous deer has to be mine.  I believe in Santa Claus again, "- wrote a TV presenter.