Designer Hervé Pierre told about working with Melania Trump and creating her dress for the inaugural ball

Herve Pierre has become famous after the inauguration of Donald Trump – designer said about it in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, and revealed details of his work with a new first lady of America.

Herve is no stranger to the world of fashion (he has worked with Balmain, Oscar De la Renta, Bill Blass, Vera Wang, and was the creative director of the Carolina Herrera), but his life changed from that moment when Melania Trump appeared in the vanilla-colored dress decorated with thin red belt at a ball on the occasion of the inauguration.

"I had no idea when sewed a dress, what the consequences woukd be. My phone did not stop: offers from journalists and investors poured as from a cornucopia. Fake Instagram-accounts in my name immediately began to appear. I'm not used with such things, – Pierre admitted in his first interview after Trump's inauguration.

Donald and Melania Trump at a ball on the occasion of the inauguration

According to the designer, Melania Trump invited him to be her stylist, and when she saw the sketches, she had the idea of ​​collaboration – so their joint creative work on the dress began.

"She is well-versed in fashion. When she brought samples of fabrics, she chose the most dense and beautiful silk from Italy. Our conversation was very objective and professional".

Said the designer, adding that the wife of Donald Trump insisted on simplicity and elegance.

"We agreed not to follow the rules of creating dresses for the first lady. I put my vision and ideals, and she corrected me and made important adjustments. At some point, she said: "Hervé, I love you, but I can not move my arm to take my husband's hand in the dance."

"The clarity of lines, beautiful shape of skirts, sharp detail – all reflect his personality, – Melania Trump spoke about the designer.

Donald and Melania Trump

He also commented on the behavior of the colleagues, who refused to create outfits for the wife of President.

"I am not engaged in polit, but I am engaged in creation of dresses. If people do not want to dress the first lady, it is sad, but I do not blame anyone. They make the choice – that's the beauty of democracy. Well, I was proud, – Summed Herve Pierre.

Most likely, he will continue to cooperate with the White House. The designer admitted in an interview that recently went to a meeting with Melania Trump. According to some sources, their creation will be exposed at the National Museum of American History.

Donald and Melania Trump



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