Dima Bilan SPEAKS about his marital status


For many years the personal life of Dima Bilan has been shrouded in mystery. He didn't want to risk the information about his personal life leaking out, so he didn't say with whom he lived in a large country house.

As the Dima's sister said that Dima had a long and serious relationship with one of his fans, and that she created a family comfort after exhausting concerts and tours. 

These stories have not been officially confirmed, but recently Dima finally decided to shed some light on this issue.

Dima Bilan spoke about the change in marital status

In a recent interview with reporters, he admitted that his life status – "free" and he is quite happy about that.

It should be noted that Dima Bilan, unlike many gay men is no longer trying to play a passionate affair to prove to others that he is straight. However, many years ago, after his first producer, Viktor Baturin reported that his protege is homosexual, Dima promised to marry model Lena Kuletskaya, but later changed his mind and began to live alone, enjoying the quiet life of a men, who has a passion to create.