Egor Kreed about the girl of his dreams: “I want to find a friend, not just a doll”

In your last song you sing that "there are so few of normal girls." Personal experience?

Each song – is personal experience. Yes, there were women who were attracted only by money and my artist's status. Some took photos of me sleeping and shared pictures in social networks. But there are a lot of good girls! I just want to make some laugh, and others think that it might be worth to change something.

You are 22, and you are already disappointed in women?

No, of course, just have not met the very same. Now my heart is free. I had a relationship, but I can not say that I really loved someone. Generally, over time, you get tired of the frivolous affairs, I want to meet the one and only. 

What kind of girl do you want to see next to you?

Self-sufficient woman, who would not depend on me and my money. It is important when you have a friend, not just a sexy doll. My girl must be sociable, purposeful, and certainly without bad habits.

Last year, in one of your interviews you said that you parted ways with singer Nyusha because her father does not approve your relationship. Prior to that you concealed your relationship, why you have ceased to be silent?

There were so many rumors on this subject. As a result, I lost my patience and decided to make my point clear. I wish her only happiness and success in her career.

You are often compared to Justin Bieber, but, unlike you, he is no stranger to scandals. How do you manage to avoid scandals and cope with the difficulties?

In fact, Bieber is a cool actor! He has the usual problems of the average teenager. Young people are constantly overdoing alcohol, and it's no big deal, but if the actor once smoked a cigarette or hookah, got drunk, all at once shouted: "What a scandal!" All the people are faced with problems. How do I deal with mine? If I knew that helps me, then I would not have had them at all. (Smiles.)


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