Elena Temnikova hits back at rumours she has had plastic surgery


The singer has decided to respond to plastic surgery rumours and denied that she is a constant client of beauty clinics

Singer  Elena Temnikova flew with her husband to the Maldives and shares with fans a truly hot photo. Thus, recently she sparked a discussion among her fans, sharing a candid photos in t-shirt and without underwear. Of course, fans commented on her perfect shape, and could not resist the speculation that t he singer sought the help of plastic surgeons. But the former singer of the "Serebro" did not remain silent and told the whole truth about her beauty. Lena said that sh e is afraid of injections and doctors, and can change her appearance with the help of makeup:

"What lip job? Girls, I did not touch it. No li p job. No nose job. You should have looked at it. I have a snub nose. No facelift, as some say. I do not even know how it's done. For fuller-looking lips buy pencils. Watch video tutorials, if you want I'll take off my advice and draw any shape. Plump. Fine. any. The main thing is that it is safe for health. and your profile will not look hilarious. and every day a new form, if you wish. I'm afraid of pain and injections, and have never changed anything. There is such a cool makeup products. Just try it".

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