Elena Temnikova shared photo of her daughter

Exactly one month ago, fans of the ex-soloist of "Serebro" Lena Temnikova welcomed her daughter.

Temnikova shared on her microblog pictures and posts dedicated breastfeeding or education of her daughter. Even before marriage actress has repeatedly confessed that she dreams to become a mother, and her dream finally came true. Since the birth of her daughter Alexandra, Temnikova receives a lot of congratulations, wishes and compliments from the fans.

A few days ago the singer prepared for her subscribers a real surprise – she first showed her daughter. However, it is quite difficult to see the baby's face in the picture  30-year-old celebrity shared a black and white photo of her daughter and a small heart emoji, to hide the girl from prying eyes. Nevertheless, observational subscribers of Temnikova easily spotted baby

According to the very young mother, she absolutely fascinated by her child and everything connected with her.

"I breathe you, my daughter, – says Elena. – How did you smell good. My heart. My star. My Sasha. "

Also Temnikova admitted that continues to breastfeed her daughter. 

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