Emma Roberts and Evan Peters Engaged AGAIN

How long? Back in September of this year, rumors began to circulate that Emma and Evan got back togethe after the next break. A couple was seen together. Recently the portal TMZ paparazzi caught them kissing! Well, the actors themselves once again began to post photos of each other in social networks.

Finally, Emma's colleagues noticed that Roberts began to wear a wedding ring given to her by Evan! Recall that the first lovers got engaged in March 2013, just a year after the beginning of the relationship, but did not hurry with the wedding, and two years later broke off the engagement. They have been on-and-off several times. By the way, aunt of Emma, ​​a famous actress Julia Roberts, is very worried about her niece, believing that she is still too young for marriage. But maybe now is the time to settle down?

Whether it comes to a wedding, we do not know exactly – the couple's relationship is too confusing and emotional to make any conclusions. Lovers called the police, fought (Emma even was arrested for domestic violence), and after leaving each other started dating a new partner – but they did not stay long. We hope that this time everything will be fine, and we finally see Emma in a white dress 🙂