EMMA WATSON called BELLE a feminist


She has her own background of the heroine. Think of all the Disney characters. They are the real princess, beautiful and defenseless. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty waiting until prince rides on a white horse and save them, but Ariel was ready to do anything for love and gave her wonderful voice to save the prince. Belle was able to change the Prince's life for the better! But, according to Emma Watson, it is not enough to be a feminist.

Everyone knows that Emma actively encourages the struggle for women's rights – if you do not know, she even organized a movement for equality of the sexes HeForShe. Now, the actress announced that her heroine Belle get a new background. In the original version Belle – a real bookworm, the daughter of the old man Morris, who is known in the small village that sells books and invents interesting things. But Emma has decided to bring something new to the character of the heroine. The actress told the magazine Entertainment Weekly: «In the cartoon" Beauty and the Beast "the father of Belle was inventor, but we decided to make her inventor.  Little is known about Belle, and I wondered why she was so far from the other inhabitants of the village, what she was doing in your spare time. As a result, we decided to bring something new in the history of Belle and made her inventor of the washing machine, which allowed Bell to read books instead of being engaged in the laundry. " But that is not all! The actress insisted that Belle had no clothes, which restrict movement, such as corsets, or uncomfortable shoes:

"She's very practical, she is engaged in horseback riding. In the film Belle wears ballet flats, and rightly so, because a girl who rides a horse, cares for the garden, needs appropriate shoes. "

In general, Emma carefully studied her character and made her "feminist" amendments to the plot. Um, who is this like? Perhaps the adult Hermione. Recall that the premiere of the Disney film "Beauty and the Beast" is scheduled for March 2017. We wait!