Ex-boyfriend of Adelina Sotnikova wants to get her back, despite her new affair with Artem Shulgin

Recently, 20-year-old Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova confirmed her affair with the eldest son of the singer Valeria, 22-year-old Artem Shulgin. However, at the same time her ex-boyfriend, 21-year-old TV presenter Aleks Milka, dreams to get her back.  

Artem Shulgin, Adelina Sotnikova

Aleks Milka and Adelina Sotnikova

Adelina Sotnikova is torn between two well-known and popular guy s – on the one hand, judging by her posts on Instagram, she she's still got something for former lover, a showman Aleks Milka. But, on the other hand, an athlete has a certain sympathy for an old friend Artemy Shulgin (the eldest son of the singer Valeria).

Recently, Shulgin and Sotnikova appeared together at the premiere of the film "Love ready-to-wear" and loo ked absolutely happy. But at the same time, Milka gave an interview to "Telenedelya" magazine, in which he stated he is going to g et his ex-beloved back, despite he was cheating on her (the couple broke up in the spring of last year): 

"After that I had an affair, but unfortunately, it I came to an end. Now my heart belongs to another girl. I think everyone knows who she is. I hope that Adelina knows it too. It's all ahead for us, I told her about it more than once".

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