Ex-partner of Timati Alena Shishkova dates teenager

Former girlfriend of Timati Alena Shishkova is having an affair with 17-year-old Nikita Mazepin. Paparazzi repeatedly caught a couple in elite restaurants.

24-year-old Shishkova became known when she gave birth to Timatati's daughter Alice. It is noteworthy that the star couple managed to keep their relationship a secret, later the media called Shishkova and Timothy the most beautiful pair of Russian show business. A year later Shishkova went on vacation in Rome with the goalkeeper of FC "Dynamo" Anton Shunin, finally leaving the daughter in Timati's care. 

After parting with the player, and then to actor Andrew Chadov, Shishkova began dating 17-year-old son of director of the company "Uralhim" Dmitry Mazepin. 17-year-old Nikita is interested in cars and a racer "Formula 1". A couple is often seen in high-end restaurants. 

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