Ex-wife of Danila Kozlovsky revealed truth about his romance with Elizaveta Boyarskaya


31-year-old Danila Kozlovsky has long created a narcissistic image of the hero-lover.

But many have forgotten that the actor was once married. His wife was 37-year-old Polish actress Urszula Malka.

Ex-wife of Danila Kozlovsky revealed the secret of his affair with Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Urszula and Danila have been married for 3 years, divorced in 2011. 

Only now, after six years, Malka decided to tell NTV channel the truth about this marriage. However, Urszula decided not to sensationalize her marriage with Kozlovsky, the actress said coldly, that they just did not get along. 

However, Urszula still surprised that Danila Kozlovsky and Elizaveta Boyarskaya hide the fact that they had an affair at the institute. 

When we were students, they were a couple. I do not know for what reason thay are hiding this fact. Does it make sense to hide such a thing? ” – Wonders Malka.

According to her, now she and Kozlovsky are just friends, nothing more. 

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