Exhibition “33 revolutions – 100 years of Finnish design” in MAMM

Finland celebrates the centenary of its independence and talks about the role that design can play in democratic transformations. One of the exhibits was the "mother package", which the Finnish state distributed to young mothers in the forties. A box containing a set of useful items was used as a cradle for a baby.


Sanatorium "Paimio" in Finland on the project of Alvar Aalto. Click on the photo to read more about the project.
The exposition included such masterpieces of Finnish design as the armchair created by Alvar Aalto for the "Paimio" sanatorium in the 1930s: its design contributed to the successful recovery of tuberculosis patients. Among the same classic works belongs the Eero Aarnio ball-chair, made of a new material – fiberglass, mastered by industrial designers in the 1960s.


Кресло-шар по дизайну Ээро Аарнио. Нажмите на изображение, чтобы узнать 6 интересных фактов о культовом объекте.


A ball-shaped design ball Eero Aarnio. Click on the image to learn 6 interesting facts about the cult object.
One of the recent examples of the social design function is the Kirkkojärvi school in Expo, a satellite city of Helsinki, designed by Verstas Arkkitehdit in 2011. The building is conceived as an organic continuation of the landscape, inside the classes-transformers with movable walls, round tables and even sofas, on which the student can lie down with the laptop. Local teachers do not know any problems with academic achievement, and the school has already begun to influence the image of the whole district, where mostly poor families and migrants live.


Сауна Löyly в Хельсинк, бюро Avanto. Нажмите на фото, чтобы посмотреть еще фотографии проекта.


Sauna Löyly in Helsinki, bureau Avanto. Click on the photo to see more photos of the project.
When: November 17-December 17
Where: Moscow, st. Ostozhenka, 16, Multimedia Art Museum

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