Famous In Love: All about the new series with Bella Thorne

From the creators of "Pretty Little Liars." The long-awaited premiere of the series with Bella Thorne "Famous In Love" from the creator of "MO" Marlene King is cheduled April 18th! The fans of "Gossip Girl" and "Pretty Little Liars" series will certainly like it.

Bella Thorne will play the main character – a student Paige Tousen, which becomes known, having a role in a Hollywood film in one night. Now she has to get used to what is always in the spotlight. Bella and Paige have a lot of similarities. They are both actresses and both live in Hollywood, for example. But they have very different path to glory. Paige became famous overnight, already relatively mature, while Bell was 13 years old got a role on the Disney Channel and has been slow to success.

"Paige deals with the dilemma of who she is, and what it wants to see the other, I was in the same situation … It's not fun when you look in the mirror and do not know who you really are "- said Bella.


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And here is another similarity between Bella and her character:

"The media will put her in a different light, but it's not her. She was just a young girl … The fact that she was photographed with someone, does not mean that they had an affair. "

Bella was in such a situation, when photographed with Charlie Puth, and the media immediately began to say that she cheated on Tyler Posey.

"Everyone will try to change you, the media will try to throw you, or introduce you to be what you are not", – added Thorne.

The very same Bella says that she and Paige are very different in character:

"It's really fun to play someone who is not like me!"

And now we'll tell you a little about the caste of the series and the characters with whom you will meet:

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Carter Jenkins will play the actor Rainer Devon, who meets with Jordan, but falls for Paige (love affairs are guaranteed).

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Keith Powers will play Jordan Wilder, "the troubled star." He and Carter complex history of relations, which are compounded by "chemistry" between him and Paige.

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Charlie Depew plays Jake, who dreams of becoming a writer.

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Nicky Koss got the role of Alexis, a friend Rainer, which marks the place of Paige in a Hollywood blockbuster.

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Georgie Flores plays Cassandra – Paige neighbor around the room and her close friend.

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Perrey Reeves plays the role of Nina Devon – Reiner's mother. She is clever and cunning and will do anything to get what she wants.

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Mark Valley will play the father of Rainer – Grant Devon. He – a very important figure in Hollywood.

Pepi Sonuga playing Tanguy Turner, a beautiful pop star, who mysteriously disappears from public view. By the way, before she had a romantic liaison with Jordan and Reiner.



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