Fans criticized Vera Brezhneva in the “Major” TV series


The popular Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva appeared in front of fans in the second season of  "Major" TV series. Despite the fact that the singer played herself, many were dissatisfied with the quality of the actor's work.

Vera Brezhneva participated in the filming of the film "Major". The singer appeared only in the final series of the second season, but this episodic moment was quite enough for fans to evaluate her acting professionalism.

Many of them came to the conclusion that Brezhneva's performance was "unbelievable and showed a complete lack of acting skills, so on the stage she looks much better". However, some fans of the series have taken a contarary view. So, in their opinion, Brezhneva coped with her role "perfectly well". The same opinion is shared by Paul Priluchny.

According to the plot of the movie, Brezhneva's heroine often suffers from nervous breakdowns, but finds support in the face of her friend. The appearance of the singer in the "Major" was not a big surprise for her fans: she published photographs from the set on her Instagram.

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