Gigi Hadid losing weight due to thyroid disease

Over the past two years, Gigi Hadid, which once boasted very appetizing forms and proudly stated that she loves her body and is not going to lose weight, has become very thin. The public, of course, decided that she "changed herself" in pursuit of the model parameters. But as it turned out, they were wrong about her weight loss. Gigi Hadid has not decided to adjust her body under the boring stereotypes of beauty.

In a recent interview 21-year-old Gigi admitted that losing weight is not by choice, but because of the medications that are forced to take to deal with thyroid disease.

My metabolism has recently changed. I have Hashimoto's disease – a chronic disease of the thyroid gland

Hadid told reporters, adding:

It's been two years since I started taking the medicine. I do not want to lose weight for the Victoria's Secret show. The only thing I wish is that I had the muscles in the right places.

Well, we hope that Gigi's health is not in serious danger and she will be able to cope with the disease and will not lose weight anymore.